TU WienProRe

Project-oriented research and design methods

September Group member

Exploring wearable technology and means to implement it into music field usage

Literature research and analysis on wearable interfaces, performance concept and music technology.

Expert Interview conduct, transcript and analysis. I interviewed and Expert in fields of music production, interface design about musical interfaces and performance concepts.

Video content analysis (also Video content analytics, VCA) is the capability of automatically analyzing video to detect and determine temporal and spatial events. (Wikipedia). I recorded and analysed the video of Dan Bodan performance at Mumok and explored his gesticulation dynamics while performing.

Cultural probes (or design probes) is a technique used to inspire ideas in a design process. It serves as a means of gathering inspirational data about people’s lives, values and thoughts. (Wikipedia) As a member of a group September I participated in performing Cultural probes for the purpose of research about Wearable technology in music field.

Scenario: a postulated sequence or development of events. (Wikipedia)
As a part of a member group September, I built scenarios for potential use/misuse of a musical wearable interface.

Gathered information from various research methods for the future work of building a prototype and designing a wearable interface